Trembling Tongues Make Magpie Bait

by Cat Meat

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released March 3, 2017

Music by Cat Meat (Phil Rogers, Ian Olney, Barney Bodoano & Louisa Wood) with:
Ben Dean (Piano on tracks 4, 6, 7 & 8)
Morty McCarthy (Drums on tracks 2, 6 & 7)
Kunal Nandi (Drums on tracks 3, 4, 5 & 8)



all rights reserved


Cat Meat UK

Cat Meat Are:
Phil Rogers (Guitar and Vocals)
Ian Olney (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Electronics)
Louisa Wood (Violin, Piano, Backing Vocals)
Barney Bodoano (Guitar, Harmonica, Bass, Drums, Backing Vocals)

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Track Name: Coma Etiquette
Grace, lend me your ears
Pay me in stalkers
Unravel that brawl
I could just disappear

Grace, my mind feels like a forgery
Love's deft aim ain't what it used to be

Claws twist in your smoke
I was still missing
Your breath hot with tears
Scrambled my mouth to plead

Gamble on your rank outsider
These same blues turn like a carousel

A drawl drawn obsolete
Rang out like loose change
And I was caught in that web you spun so commonly

Grace, my mind feels like a forgery
Love's deft aim ain't what it used to be
Track Name: Caught By The Ricochet
I swore I saw I your face dear
About the break of day
The rain had turned the streets to mirrors
The shadows fell away

I recalled you in these four walls
When pollen swelled my eyes
The morning light on ivory skin
The sun bathed your hair white

And I was on my way to Evelyn
You were on your way back home
And I was counting down the hours
You were ten miles on the road
When a trail led to my arms

The coffee kept my pulse wired
Nicotine kept my mind clear
I listened to your phone ring out
The glass stared back at me

When the starling murmurations
Bent the dark cloud blue
They lifted me across a dream
And guided me to you

And I was on my way to Evelyn
You were on your way back home
And I was counting down the hours
You were ten miles on the road
When a trail led to my arms

Evelyn hold me like the first time that we met
Remember we said we'd paint this whole town red
Track Name: Trembling Tongues Make Magpie Bait
Sweet soil
Sweet soil
Do you want me for a shadow
To trail you?
Sweet soil
Sweet soil
Did that river spill to leave you
Sweet soil
Sweet soil
She's the sedative that keeps me
From reeling
Sweet soil
Sweet soil
Hesitating as the town wheezed
To wake you

The crowns of breathing sycamores
All whispering my fate
And the wrinkles in my sheets rewrite the news
And limb from limb I glided down through twilight's purring flight

When the traces of her brake lights carried me out that night
The cat's eyes hugging the roadside glimmered a wheel-scarred guide
Holding onto the moonlight
I wanna reach you but that night won't pull you in
Burrowing holes inside these smoke-filled eyes to see

Sweet soil
Sweet soil
I took everything this old house was leaving
Sweet soil
Sweet soil
Her imitation fur and cheap wine
I dream
Track Name: Visiting Hours
That feeling when you cross my mind
The thought of you walking by my side
I feel every fraction of this time

March onto where the green shoots rise
Skin frozen when your lungs revived
I've loved every broken sleepless ride

Call me when the weatherman cries
Blood soured from my 1995
Lift me with the hurricane skies
It's the sound my core surrenders
For you

Kissed clean and the telephone pleads
In acclaim you'll sleep tonight
Unseen to another but me
Leave my troubled mind behind
Shaken from all that pulled me under
To a spark that kept me alight
Track Name: You Are The Weather I Fear
When the news came
I was hung on every word that you said
Those illusions
Tangled up and bound in my head
Yes the storm knew
Her collusion was etched in that gale
As my heart's roots
Beat a language beneath my lapel

Out in the summer
Pleading for rain

You were history
But the memory dragged like unwanted skin
Two apparitions
Carved a prayer from right under my ribs
Still I'll wait here
Hunkered down like the first drift of snow
Watching blue lights
Tattoo veins on the shadows below

All I fear was lost to the sea
Constellation eyes watch over me
All I fear was lost to the sea
Constellation eyes look back at me
Track Name: Petition In Payphone Blue
You were wreathed in a red sky
On the day our eyes met
And I kept that dice rolling
Just to see how you'd bet
By the time that bar emptied
I was already spent
That gift under starlight
When my sweetheart was sent

Your face a salvation
That I'll take to my grave
Your whisper a levy
I could never repay
When my words stuttered empty
My heart took their place
The pavement still glows
From our footprints remains

And I'll plead my petition
Til I'm worn
Calibrating your position
Left me torn
When I pulled at your ribbons
I felt myself fall
Thought the wild storm
I'll follow your call

Nothing I could ever leave for
Nothing I would never feel
When I heard that a true love awaited
I knew just what lay by the water
You were home
Track Name: A Restless Brood
Trials carried in clusters
In your hand you sowed the seed
Rose cheeked
You were only 17
Rust hung on that pale star
You returned that night to me
You were crying in your sleep

Laying down there was an angel
That devil was near
My heart met with a shiver
Eyes clung like a veil

Dawn shook at the midnight
Winter roared it's melody
Locks turned
I was waiting on your street
Clowns directed the weather
Love had blurred my clarity
Held close
I paraded at your feet
Track Name: Algal Blooms
"Wait for me"
Read your line to me
My direction changed as you were on your way
Count me in
Ploys and plans begin
I can taste the blue grey wind
That bites my brain

Tell me nothing
If there's nothing you'd deny
But don't come loaded with more lies

It's a long way down to the fire that held your eyes

I'll concede
To your majesty
But the pressure carved reluctance in your heart
So question me
For the remedy
My reflection came too late
And you were gone